Nov 21

Wednesday Tip: Clear Your Workspace to Appear More Professional

If your workspace is cluttered and chaotic, many people may assume that you’re inefficient and ineffective (not true!).  Clear your workspace of anything that you don’t use on a daily basis.  Extra office supplies should be out of sight, with only a few pens, post-its, or paperclips in easy reach… more >

Nov 14

Wednesday Tip: Add Containers to Drop Spots

Start taking note of where you naturally drop things like your keys, cell phone, and the mail.  Instead of letting it all pile up or get lost under other stuff, simply add an open container, like a tray or bin, to that spot.  The visual boundary of the container will… more >

Nov 07

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: how to organize the little bits and pieces in your life

We tend to focus on the big, looming projects in our homes, but sometimes it’s actually the little random things that don’t have a home that are driving you nuts.  Tiny frustrations add up.  In addition to annoying you, these little things can be a big block to keeping your… more >

Nov 02

3 Ways to Make Your Small Space Feel Bigger

Living in New York City has it’s charms and challenges, one of the biggest being the lack of space.  Since your apartment probably isn’t getting any bigger, it’s time to trick yourself into thinking it is.  Here are 3 easy ways to expand your visual square footage: 1. Get Monochromatic… more >

Oct 31

Wednesday Tip: Pass Up a Bargain

Ask yourself: “Would I buy this if it were full-price?”  If not, don’t do it!  You’ll end up spending money on something you don’t really need or love, all in the name of “saving money.”  Instead, revamp something you already have, like plates you aren’t using, office organizers, or a tired lamp.

Oct 24

Wednesday Tip: Use Colored Dots to Track What You Use

Put colored dot stickers on small kitchen appliances, tools, and dishes you don’t use every day.  Remove the dot when you use it.  After 6 months (mark it in your calendar!), if the dot’s still on, donate it.  Give season and holiday-specific items up to a year.

Oct 17

Wednesday Tip: Designate a Limited Space

For items or products that tend to get out of hand, designate a contained, limited space for their storage.  For stuff like toiletries, label a small basket “hair” or “skin” instead of letting products freely roam and take over the counter space.  Defining the space will help you enforce a… more >

Oct 10

In Defense of Stuff

It usually happens about 20 minutes into our first organizing session.  The client pauses, turns to me and says “Your apartment must be so organized/beautiful/insane.”   Sometimes it’s said with awe, sometimes with embarrassment, and sometimes with a little bit of pity.  The thought that I never get out to enjoy… more >

Sep 13

Clearing the Information Backlog: how to get rid of paper and email clutter

Now that you’ve taken action to stop paper clutter before it gets in the door, how do you deal with the backlog that’s accumulated?  So many of my clients feel overwhelmed by the idea of sorting through stacks (and often bags and boxes, and sometimes entire rooms) of paper.  Your… more >

Aug 02

3 Ways to Cut Paper Clutter for Good

When you decide to take on paper clutter, the first thing you’re going to want to do is tackle the overwhelming backlog that has accumulated like the driven, hyperventilation-inducing snow.  RESIST! The best way to start getting the paper in your life under control and organized is to stop it… more >