Jan 09

Wednesday Tip: Turn Your Hangers Around to Keep Track of What You Wear

To keep track of what clothes you really are and aren’t wearing, try hanging them backwards.  When you wear something, put it back normally; you’ll instantly be able to see what you haven’t worn by noticing the hangers that are still turned around.  I turn all of my hangers around… more >

Jan 03

3 Ways to Make 2013 Your Most Organized Year Ever

Happy 2013!  Most of us set intentions for the new year, and “get organized” is at the top of many people’s lists.  How to get organized is a huge topic, but use these three strategies to help you get started.  1. Get off to a fresh start: set aside a few… more >

Dec 26

Wednesday Tip: Use Command Hooks to Organize Any Space

Don’t let your vertical space go unused!  Adding hooks to the inside of cabinets, backs of doors, and walls themselves is a great way to use space efficiently and make frequently used items accessible.  I like the 3M Command hooks because they’re removable and (usually) won’t damage your walls.  Try them for… more >

Dec 19

Wednesday Tip: Avoid Zigzag Organizing

How many times have you set out to work on an organizing project in your bedroom and inexplicably found yourself paying a bill or returning an email in the living room instead?  Behold, the magical wonder that is zigzag organizing.  While cleaning off your dresser you find a paper that… more >

Dec 12

Wednesday Tip: Create Binders to Organize Menus and Recipes

Instead of letting menus clog a useful kitchen drawer, create a menu binder!  Use dividers for different types of cuisine, or make a “frequently ordered” section to keep certain menus extra handy. Slip menus into clear sheet protectors for easy visibility. Use the same technique to organize all those recipes you’ve printed or torn… more >

Dec 05

7 Things You Should Know About Organizing

1. It’s about what you get, not what you give up.  Remind yourself of all of the ways you’re going to benefit by getting rid of your clutter.  For every unused and unloved item you let go of, you gain more space, time and according to happiness expert Gretchen Rubin, more happiness!… more >

Nov 07

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: how to organize the little bits and pieces in your life

We tend to focus on the big, looming projects in our homes, but sometimes it’s actually the little random things that don’t have a home that are driving you nuts.  Tiny frustrations add up.  In addition to annoying you, these little things can be a big block to keeping your… more >

Oct 17

Wednesday Tip: Designate a Limited Space

For items or products that tend to get out of hand, designate a contained, limited space for their storage.  For stuff like toiletries, label a small basket “hair” or “skin” instead of letting products freely roam and take over the counter space.  Defining the space will help you enforce a… more >

May 20

Organize Paper Goods with Magazine Files

I’m a teensy bit obsessed with using magazine files to organize any and all loose paper products.  Envelopes, pads of paper, notebooks, and anything else that tends to look junky or end up in an inaccessible pile in a drawer all integrate seamlessly with your decor when you put them… more >

Mar 29

From Piles to Files: File your clothes to save time and space

You open your dresser drawer and squint into the top layer of an epic tangle of pants.  You dig for a bit, finally grabbing a pair from the top layer (those are your most worn pairs anyway), and pull them on.  The entire process takes about 30 seconds.  Not so… more >