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Oct 30

DIY Tiny Shelves from Scrabble Tile Holders

Scrabble tile holder shelves












If you’re looking for a cute, easy way to display lightweight art or cards, look no further! Get your hands on some Scrabble tile holders (keep your eyes peeled at thrift stores and yard sales if you don’t have a game you aren’t using lying around), and turn them into sleek tiny shelves in under 10 minutes.

DIY Scrabble tile holder shelves











All you need is some Scrabble tile holders, Command Picture Hanging Strips, and a pair of scissors.

Cut command strips in half











The strips are a little too wide for the backs of the tile holders, so I cut them in half.

Attach command strips to tile holders







Attach the strips to the back of the tile holders, then to the wall and you’re done!

DIY Scrabble tile holder shelves for cards

It’s a great way to cut greeting card clutter and decorate an empty wall in one super easy swoop!

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