Meet Caroline Clark

Professional Organizer Caroline Clark

Professional Organizer
Certified Interior Decorator

I’m a devoted repurposer, a lifetime small space dweller, a DIY addict, and a rural Southerner turned New York City girl. I’m always looking for better, more creative ways to organize and store the stuff I love. I apply that passion to my work with clients (who describe me as “just the right combination of pushy and nice”).

I honed my natural organizing skills in the 10 years I spent as an educator in North Carolina, England, and New York City. Now, I teach busy women in NYC how to make lasting, positive changes by removing the stress that comes from living with clutter and disorganization.

Also a Certified Interior Decorator, I merge form and function to create beautiful, organized spaces that energize and inspire you. Your home is not just a sanctuary, but also a place of joy and fun, and should reflect just how awesome you are.

After we work together, you’ll have:

  • simple, sustainable systems that you can easily maintain
  • quick access to everything you need and love
  • more time to spend on your priorities and new opportunities
  • control over your space and schedule
  • an organized, inviting space that makes you smile

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