Home Organizing

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New York City homes & apartments are notoriously small and short on storage space. Together, we’ll eliminate the clutter that’s weighing you down and organize your apartment from the front door to the bedroom closets in order to maximize your space and storage options.

Closet Organization
An overstuffed or disorganized closet is a frustrating time-waster. By creating organized closet systems, you eliminate the overwhelming daily hunt for items and de-stress your morning routine.

Organized Simplicity will help you…

  • sort your items so that you know what you have
  • eliminate unused items that are taking up your valuable closet space
  • design attractive, easy to use systems that will streamline your routines
  • create storage space for out of season items
  • learn strategies to keep the clutter from coming back

Having a cluttered home can be seriously stressful. You deserve to feel great in your home!

Together, we will…

  • establish your goals and priorities in your life and your space
  • evaluate your belongings based on those goals
  • eliminate clutter that is weighing you down and wasting your time
  • create a home space that energizes and inspires you
  • establish systems to keep future clutter at bay

Storage Solutions
Everyone says there’s never enough storage space in New York City apartments, but really we just aren’t using the available space to it’s fullest potential. Getting organized isn’t about chucking all of your belongings; it’s about creating storage that is both attractive and effective.

I’ll help you…

  • identify unused or underused space that can be converted into storage
  • create storage systems that work for your specific needs
  • establish storage solutions that reflect your design aesthetic
  • make sure you have easy access to the things that you need and love