Super Helpful People & Services

Task Rabbit

Your one stop shop for help with everything. Post a task (like an errand you don’t have time for, music you need to digitize, or anything else you can think of) and what you want to pay, and one of the pre-screened “Rabbits” will contact you to arrange doing your task. I’ve had many clients use and recommend this service.

Memories Out of the Box

The spectacular Martie McNabb takes your photos out of their dusty, hidden boxes and transforms them into beautiful books and albums (digital and physical) that honor and celebrate your life and history.

Moxie Bookkeeping

If bookkeeping’s not your strength, save yourself time and money by giving these awesome folks a call.

JPD Studio

The brains and brawn behind this site, the awesome women at JPD Studio do fantastic work on all things website, logo, and design.