Organizing for Schools & Teachers

As a former New York City public school teacher, I understand the demands and challenges inherent in the teaching profession. Now, I work with teachers, administration, and support staff to set up organizational and time management systems that help streamline paperwork, create a positive learning environment, and free up more time to focus on students. Organized Simplicity is an official Department of Education vendor.

Professional Development Workshops
I offer several different workshops that address the main organizational trouble spots in schools. I can combine any of these topics, and always tailor the workshops to each school’s unique challenges. I’m also happy to address other topics based on your school’s needs.

Time Management for Teachers
Learn how time-blocking and theme days make you a more efficient and effective teacher by using the practical, easily individualized skills you’ll learn in this workshop.

Student Systems in the Classroom
Students need order and consistency in the classroom. You’ll learn how to create simple, effective systems that encourage independence and accountability in students, while also maintaining your control over the classroom.

Systems for Shared Space
Sharing classroom and office space is challenging! You’ll learn how to negotiate those challenges while setting up systems that encourage consistency and collaboration.

One-on-One Coaching for Teachers, Administrators, and Support Staff
I work with individuals in their classrooms or offices to set up effective systems including:

  • Filing
  • Curriculum materials
  • Storing and displaying student work
  • Student systems for missed work, collecting and returning work
  • Classroom supplies
  • Book and supply rooms

PTA Workshops
Having strong organizational systems at home as well as at school is crucial for students’ success. In these workshops, parents will learn how to help their child organize school work as well as establish systems and routines for homework, projects, staying in touch with teachers, and more.