Workshops & Presentations

Do you belong to a group or business that would benefit from an organizing or time management workshop? Do you have a specific organizational problem you’d like to address in a workshop? I’d be happy to design a workshop that addresses your organization’s needs.

Organized Simplicity offers workshops and presentations to New York City business and social groups. You can choose from one of the workshops listed below or request a custom workshop.

How to Organize Any Space
In this organizing basics workshop you’ll learn how to restore order to absolutely any space, from your sock drawer to your filing cabinet.

Discover how to…

  • Decide whether to keep or get rid of items
  • Choose containers that are right for you and your space
  • Maintain your systems and order

Conquering Clutter: Storage Solutions for Small Spaces
New Yorkers face many more space and storage challenges than people in most other cities do. In this workshop we will…

  • Identify the unique challenges of living in a small space
  • Discuss creative ways to make the most of the space you have
  • Find ways to create storage solutions that reflect your personality and design aesthetic

The Organized Office: Creating a Productive Workspace
Whether you work from home, go in to the office every day, or a combination of the two, having an organized and energizing work space is essential to doing your best work. I’ll teach you how to…

  • De-clutter your office space
  • Simplify your filing systems
  • Decide what paperwork to keep, what to digitize, and what to toss
  • Create systems to keep paperwork from piling up
  • Designate and design a home workspace in a small apartment