Feb 11

Quick and Easy Oatmeal Container Redo

Instead of spending more money on pretty containers, why not turn some trash into organizing treasure? This is a super easy, super fast DIY that requires no real crafty skills whatsoever. Materials Empty container Pretty paper (I used Rifle Paper Co.’s Midnight Floral Wrapping Paper from Paper Source). Scissors Pen… more >

Jan 30

SEEK: 4 Steps to Organize Absolutely Anything

Staring into the abyss of a cluttered space is super freaking overwhelming. Where do you start? Why here, of course! My 4 step process works on every space and type of clutter. Just remember to SEEK and ye shall find (that thing you thought you’d lost). Sort Pick up one… more >

Jan 21

Six Stylish File Boxes and Cabinets

Who says file storage has to be dull? These boxes and cabinets will fit right in with your decor!   1.  Bigso™ Synchronicity Stockholm Desktop File from The Container Store, $20.99 2. Edge Desktop File from The Container Store, $34.99 3. Bisley File Cabinets from The Container Store, $199 each 4. TPS File… more >

Sep 17

How to Fix a System That Isn’t Working: My failed spice drawer experiment

Sometimes you create an organizing system that’s so perfect, so beautiful, and so functional that you can’t help high fiving yourself and thinking that probably, you’re the best at life. This is not one of those systems. It seemed like such a great idea: get rid of the jumble of… more >

Aug 07

5 Small Steps to Solve Your Biggest Organizing Problems

Problem #1 I’m drowning in papers!  Do it today: Stop junk and unwanted mail from coming in, then set up an incoming paper system before you work on clearing the backlog. Having a filing system already set up gives you a place to put those papers as you sort them. Problem #2 I never have… more >

Jul 03

The 3 One Minute Tasks That Will Change Your Life

Morning: make your bed. It may seem inconsequential, but it sets the tone for your whole day. Noon: file and delete emails. I only keep super important things that have to get done asap in my inbox. For others, I have @Do and @Read folders (the @ symbol bumps them… more >

Jun 26

Dress up Drab Containers with Washi Tape

When you start an organizing project, there’s usually a pretty strong urge to run out and buy the prettiest containers you can find. It’s a useful urge, because you’re more likely to keep up with a system if you like the way it looks, but before you spend a bunch… more >

Jun 05

The Real Reasons You’re Not Getting Organized

Most of my clients are successful, dynamic, driven women. They expertly organize and coordinate major projects in their professional lives, but feel lost when it comes to organizing their homes and personal lives. Why don’t we do for ourselves what we do for other people? 1. Perfectionism You may not… more >

May 29

Wednesday Tip: You’re Not the Only One

According to a 2006 study, 43% of Americans classify themselves as disorganized and 75% of American say that their disorganization contributes to their stress levels. Sound familiar? So many of my clients waited a long time before reaching out for help because they felt embarrassed about their disorganization; they felt isolated… more >

May 22

Wednesday Tip: Banish “Miscellaneous” From Your Vocabulary

  We all have one: the secret stash of stuff we can’t figure out how to classify, surreptitiously and unceremoniously shoved in a drawer, a box, or a bowl. Abashedly termed a “junk drawer” by most, the things it holds are anything but junk. It’s usually small stuff you need… more >