Jan 28

Paper: What to Keep and How Long to Keep It

Have you tried to get a handle on your paper clutter, only to freeze when you realize you don’t know what to keep and what to toss? Here’s a fairly comprehensive guide* for how long to keep certain documents. When in doubt, ask yourself “how will I use this?” If… more >

Jan 21

Six Stylish File Boxes and Cabinets

Who says file storage has to be dull? These boxes and cabinets will fit right in with your decor!   1.  Bigso™ Synchronicity Stockholm Desktop File from The Container Store, $20.99 2. Edge Desktop File from The Container Store, $34.99 3. Bisley File Cabinets from The Container Store, $199 each 4. TPS File… more >

Jan 17

How to Set Up an Action! System for Papers (so you actually get stuff done)

Having a set spot where you put any papers that you need to do something about is essential to your productivity and sanity. You can’t pay that bill or rsvp to that party if you can’t find the damn thing. I like using clear, three section vertical files for Action!… more >

Jan 08

The Anatomy of an Effective Planner

How many calendars do you have? How many to-do lists, Post-Its, half-used planners, and random scraps of paper litter the bottom of your bag or your workspace? Maybe you’ve got electronic planning clutter: unused apps, multiple calendars, or a whole lot of time-wasters disguised as productivity tools. Whether you’re a… more >

Oct 08

DIY Washi Tape Address Book

I’ve always used a paper address book, and after decades of erasing and rewriting my near and dear’s info, I was in desperate need of  a new one. I hunted for one that suited my aesthetic sensibilities and my desire to have everybody’s birthday organized by month, and the only… more >

Jul 24

How to Color Code Your Files

I’ve written about using washi tape to dress up drab containers, but this lovely low-adhesive tape can be used for so much more, including improving the functionality of your files! We’re much quicker at visually processing colors than words, so it’s helpful to color code your files as well as… more >

Feb 05

February Organizing Holidays

        Use these holidays to jump-start your organizing this month! Archive Your Files Month Keep your filing system current; any files you have to keep but aren’t actively using (like old tax returns) can be boxed up, labeled, and put away. Clean Out Your Computer Day: 2nd… more >

Sep 13

Clearing the Information Backlog: how to get rid of paper and email clutter

Now that you’ve taken action to stop paper clutter before it gets in the door, how do you deal with the backlog that’s accumulated?  So many of my clients feel overwhelmed by the idea of sorting through stacks (and often bags and boxes, and sometimes entire rooms) of paper.  Your… more >

Aug 02

3 Ways to Cut Paper Clutter for Good

When you decide to take on paper clutter, the first thing you’re going to want to do is tackle the overwhelming backlog that has accumulated like the driven, hyperventilation-inducing snow.  RESIST! The best way to start getting the paper in your life under control and organized is to stop it… more >

May 20

Organize Paper Goods with Magazine Files

I’m a teensy bit obsessed with using magazine files to organize any and all loose paper products.  Envelopes, pads of paper, notebooks, and anything else that tends to look junky or end up in an inaccessible pile in a drawer all integrate seamlessly with your decor when you put them… more >