Feb 11

Quick and Easy Oatmeal Container Redo

Instead of spending more money on pretty containers, why not turn some trash into organizing treasure? This is a super easy, super fast DIY that requires no real crafty skills whatsoever. Materials Empty container Pretty paper (I used Rifle Paper Co.’s Midnight Floral Wrapping Paper from Paper Source). Scissors Pen… more >

Dec 30

DIY Decanter Tags for Your Next Party

Decanters are a chic, easy way to pretty up your bar area, but the downside of not using the original bottles is the loss of label. Help your guests pick their poison with these simple and stylish decanter tags. You can make the embossed version like I did, or just… more >

Oct 30

DIY Tiny Shelves from Scrabble Tile Holders

                      If you’re looking for a cute, easy way to display lightweight art or cards, look no further! Get your hands on some Scrabble tile holders (keep your eyes peeled at thrift stores and yard sales if you don’t have… more >

Oct 08

DIY Washi Tape Address Book

I’ve always used a paper address book, and after decades of erasing and rewriting my near and dear’s info, I was in desperate need of  a new one. I hunted for one that suited my aesthetic sensibilities and my desire to have everybody’s birthday organized by month, and the only… more >

Sep 12

Vintage Suitcase Table DIY

What could possibly be better than a piece of whimsical vintage furniture with hidden storage? A piece of whimsical vintage furniture with hidden storage that holds bunnies in sweaters? Ok, maybe that. I’ve made a few suitcase tables now, all with very different techniques (the very first was an IKEA hack).… more >

Jul 24

How to Color Code Your Files

I’ve written about using washi tape to dress up drab containers, but this lovely low-adhesive tape can be used for so much more, including improving the functionality of your files! We’re much quicker at visually processing colors than words, so it’s helpful to color code your files as well as… more >

Jun 26

Dress up Drab Containers with Washi Tape

When you start an organizing project, there’s usually a pretty strong urge to run out and buy the prettiest containers you can find. It’s a useful urge, because you’re more likely to keep up with a system if you like the way it looks, but before you spend a bunch… more >

Dec 10

5 Quick Budget Decorating Fixes for Your Apartment

‘Tis the season when we spend more time indoors, withering away in the early onset darkness (on the plus side, there’s hot chocolate, so let’s call it a draw).  Instead of feeling like your blank, boring walls are closing in on you, try one of these quick and easy-on-the-budget ideas… more >

Oct 22

Fancy Pants Project: Lamp Revamp!

I got so many awesome comments and email responses to my post about my apartment that I thought I’d share some of the ways I’ve found to decorate my space without buying a whole lot of expensive stuff (hint: spray paint is crucial).  This lamp makeover was one of my… more >

Oct 10

In Defense of Stuff

It usually happens about 20 minutes into our first organizing session.  The client pauses, turns to me and says “Your apartment must be so organized/beautiful/insane.”   Sometimes it’s said with awe, sometimes with embarrassment, and sometimes with a little bit of pity.  The thought that I never get out to enjoy… more >