time management

Oct 22

Get 2 Things Done Free Download

The Get 2 Things Done tool is a fun, flexible way to prioritize your to do list. Head over to Design Sponge for the full explanation of how the system works. Go with the full color version, or print out the coloring book version and color it in yourself. You… more >

Aug 07

5 Small Steps to Solve Your Biggest Organizing Problems

Problem #1 I’m drowning in papers!  Do it today: Stop junk and unwanted mail from coming in, then set up an incoming paper system before you work on clearing the backlog. Having a filing system already set up gives you a place to put those papers as you sort them. Problem #2 I never have… more >

Jul 10

How to Always be on Time

Although I’ve always been annoyingly punctual, I struggled with the holy-crap-I-have-to-leave-RIGHT-NOW! mad dash after losing track of time in the morning. I’d be mostly ready to go and get sidetracked answering emails or reading blogs, which led to a chaotic and stressful throwing together of myself and stuff and running out the… more >

May 08

Wednesday Tip: Use Blocking and Themes to Streamline Your Schedule

If you feel like you’re constantly jumping from task to task and always behind schedule (if you even have a schedule), try time blocking or theme days to feel more in control. Studies have shown how ineffective multitasking is, but we still persist in ping-ponging about our day. Try one… more >