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Oct 22

Get 2 Things Done Free Download

The Get 2 Things Done tool is a fun, flexible way to prioritize your to do list. Head over to Design Sponge for the full explanation of how the system works. Go with the full color version, or print out the coloring book version and color it in yourself. You can put it in a picture frame and use dry erase markers to write your two tasks, or pin it to a bulletin board and add your tasks on Post-Its that ever-so-conveniently fit inside the clouds. By posting a visual reminder of the tasks you’ve chosen, you stay more accountable and less sidetracked. Plus, things are more fun when there’s a sailboat!

Download the full color version

Download the coloring book version

3 Responses to Get 2 Things Done Free Download

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  2. Jaima Emmert says:

    Love your article. As a designer, its hard to decide what to start on but I love the 2 things a day idea. I am going to attempt to try it and see what happens. I might achieve more. Thanks.

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