Nov 06

Clothing Decision Flowchart Free Resource

Your closet’s a packed mess and you know you’ve got to get rid of some stuff, but which stuff? It’s hard to be objective about clothes, especially when they represent something aspirational or nostalgic. I created this flowchart to make it easier to objectively evaluate your wardrobe so you aren’t… more >

Mar 20

Wednesday Tip: Use Shoe Boxes as Drawer Dividers

You can go broke buying tons of fancy drawer dividers for your sock and underwear drawers, but wouldn’t you rather spend that money on something useful for society, like funding the Veronica Mars movie?. I use shoe boxes, which work great and cost nothing. You don’t even have to buy shoes… more >

Mar 06

Organizing Clothing Struggles: What to do with fat and skinny clothes

Like almost every woman I know, my weight fluctuates, sometimes wildly. As goes my weight, so goes the fit of my clothes. Deciding what to keep for when you fit in a smaller, previously worn size is a huge challenge for most people. I’m not going to tell you to get… more >

Jan 23

Wednesday Tip: File Clothes for Better Access and Visibility

Instead of rooting around in a clothing explosion, try folding and filing your clothes.  This method works great in dressers (especially ones with deep, abyss-type drawers), and can also be applied to open bins on shelves.  You can read the complete step-by-step instructions for how to organize your clothes by filing… more >

Jan 16

Wednesday Tip: Sort Clothes by Type or Use, Then by Color

When you reorganize your closet or dresser, it’s essential to think about how you wear your clothes.  Do you have clearly separate work vs non-work clothes? Would you wear your suits as separates or only together? If you’re like me and work and non-work clothes are mostly interchangeable, then it probably makes sense to… more >

Jan 09

Wednesday Tip: Turn Your Hangers Around to Keep Track of What You Wear

To keep track of what clothes you really are and aren’t wearing, try hanging them backwards.  When you wear something, put it back normally; you’ll instantly be able to see what you haven’t worn by noticing the hangers that are still turned around.  I turn all of my hangers around… more >

Mar 29

From Piles to Files: File your clothes to save time and space

You open your dresser drawer and squint into the top layer of an epic tangle of pants.  You dig for a bit, finally grabbing a pair from the top layer (those are your most worn pairs anyway), and pull them on.  The entire process takes about 30 seconds.  Not so… more >

Feb 10

Organizing Outside the (Jewelry) Box: Travel

Watch the video: Organizing Outside the (Jewelry) Box: Travel What other tips do you have for keeping your jewelry organized when you travel?

Feb 09

Organizing Outside the (Jewelry) Box: Earrings

  Now that your necklaces are organized and visible, it’s time to tackle earrings. You’ll want to sort, match, and purge your earrings before we get started on storage and display options. 1. Get all of your earrings in one place  Clear off your bed or another large surface and use… more >

Feb 08

Organizing Outside the (Jewelry) Box: Necklaces

  Think about the last time you went to accessorize. Did it involve a knot of chains, a missing piece that was EXACTLY what you wanted to wear, and a rapid meltdown in which you vowed to join a convent because nuns really only wear a cross, and wouldn’t that be… more >