Dec 26

Wednesday Tip: Use Command Hooks to Organize Any Space

Don’t let your vertical space go unused!  Adding hooks to the inside of cabinets, backs of doors, and walls themselves is a great way to use space efficiently and make frequently used items accessible.  I like the 3M Command hooks because they’re removable and (usually) won’t damage your walls.  Try them for… more >

Nov 14

Wednesday Tip: Add Containers to Drop Spots

Start taking note of where you naturally drop things like your keys, cell phone, and the mail.  Instead of letting it all pile up or get lost under other stuff, simply add an open container, like a tray or bin, to that spot.  The visual boundary of the container will… more >

Feb 10

Organizing Outside the (Jewelry) Box: Travel

Watch the video: Organizing Outside the (Jewelry) Box: Travel What other tips do you have for keeping your jewelry organized when you travel?

Feb 09

Organizing Outside the (Jewelry) Box: Earrings

  Now that your necklaces are organized and visible, it’s time to tackle earrings. You’ll want to sort, match, and purge your earrings before we get started on storage and display options. 1. Get all of your earrings in one place  Clear off your bed or another large surface and use… more >

Feb 08

Organizing Outside the (Jewelry) Box: Necklaces

  Think about the last time you went to accessorize. Did it involve a knot of chains, a missing piece that was EXACTLY what you wanted to wear, and a rapid meltdown in which you vowed to join a convent because nuns really only wear a cross, and wouldn’t that be… more >