Wednesday Tip

Jun 26

Dress up Drab Containers with Washi Tape

When you start an organizing project, there’s usually a pretty strong urge to run out and buy the prettiest containers you can find. It’s a useful urge, because you’re more likely to keep up with a system if you like the way it looks, but before you spend a bunch… more >

Jun 19

Pick Your Summer Project

Even though I don’t have the summer off anymore since I left teaching, I still think of these steamy months as a time for relaxing and getting caught up on stuff I got too busy to do during the rest of the year. I also like the idea of having… more >

May 22

Wednesday Tip: Banish “Miscellaneous” From Your Vocabulary

  We all have one: the secret stash of stuff we can’t figure out how to classify, surreptitiously and unceremoniously shoved in a drawer, a box, or a bowl. Abashedly termed a “junk drawer” by most, the things it holds are anything but junk. It’s usually small stuff you need… more >

Mar 13

Wednesday Tip: What are you waiting for?

“I want to get organized/learn to knit/lose weight/see my friends more/take up butter sculpting, but I have to wait until I finish school/get a new job/have more time/have more money/have more energy/get over my butter-phobia.” Sound familiar? We are nothing if not masters at putting off things we know are… more >

Nov 21

Wednesday Tip: Clear Your Workspace to Appear More Professional

If your workspace is cluttered and chaotic, many people may assume that you’re inefficient and ineffective (not true!).  Clear your workspace of anything that you don’t use on a daily basis.  Extra office supplies should be out of sight, with only a few pens, post-its, or paperclips in easy reach… more >

Nov 14

Wednesday Tip: Add Containers to Drop Spots

Start taking note of where you naturally drop things like your keys, cell phone, and the mail.  Instead of letting it all pile up or get lost under other stuff, simply add an open container, like a tray or bin, to that spot.  The visual boundary of the container will… more >

Oct 31

Wednesday Tip: Pass Up a Bargain

Ask yourself: “Would I buy this if it were full-price?”  If not, don’t do it!  You’ll end up spending money on something you don’t really need or love, all in the name of “saving money.”  Instead, revamp something you already have, like plates you aren’t using, office organizers, or a tired lamp.

Oct 24

Wednesday Tip: Use Colored Dots to Track What You Use

Put colored dot stickers on small kitchen appliances, tools, and dishes you don’t use every day.  Remove the dot when you use it.  After 6 months (mark it in your calendar!), if the dot’s still on, donate it.  Give season and holiday-specific items up to a year.

Oct 17

Wednesday Tip: Designate a Limited Space

For items or products that tend to get out of hand, designate a contained, limited space for their storage.  For stuff like toiletries, label a small basket “hair” or “skin” instead of letting products freely roam and take over the counter space.  Defining the space will help you enforce a… more >