letting go

Feb 05

How to Let Go of Stubborn Clutter

  We all have them: those things that are just harder for us to get rid of than other things. I can tear through my kitchen cabinets and closet, but weeding out my crafting supplies is like pulling extremely reluctant teeth (see below “One Day” stuff). There are five types… more >

Jan 28

Paper: What to Keep and How Long to Keep It

Have you tried to get a handle on your paper clutter, only to freeze when you realize you don’t know what to keep and what to toss? Here’s a fairly comprehensive guide* for how long to keep certain documents. When in doubt, ask yourself “how will I use this?” If… more >

Nov 06

Clothing Decision Flowchart Free Resource

Your closet’s a packed mess and you know you’ve got to get rid of some stuff, but which stuff? It’s hard to be objective about clothes, especially when they represent something aspirational or nostalgic. I created this flowchart to make it easier to objectively evaluate your wardrobe so you aren’t… more >

Sep 04

All You Need to Know About Organizing in 15 Words

Are you “saving” things that you love? I had a beautiful, expensive bar of soap that I kept saving and kept saving, and for what? A soap special occasion? Does that even exist? Into the shower it went, and it literally brings a smile to my face to use it… more >

Feb 06

How Thinking Negatively Helps You Get Positively Organized

How many times have you been told to “look on the bright side” or “think positively” or “stop stealing my fries when I’m not looking” (that last one might just be to me)? The general consensus seems to be that it’s better to focus on all the good things that… more >

Jan 09

Wednesday Tip: Turn Your Hangers Around to Keep Track of What You Wear

To keep track of what clothes you really are and aren’t wearing, try hanging them backwards.  When you wear something, put it back normally; you’ll instantly be able to see what you haven’t worn by noticing the hangers that are still turned around.  I turn all of my hangers around… more >

Oct 24

Wednesday Tip: Use Colored Dots to Track What You Use

Put colored dot stickers on small kitchen appliances, tools, and dishes you don’t use every day.  Remove the dot when you use it.  After 6 months (mark it in your calendar!), if the dot’s still on, donate it.  Give season and holiday-specific items up to a year.

Oct 10

In Defense of Stuff

It usually happens about 20 minutes into our first organizing session.  The client pauses, turns to me and says “Your apartment must be so organized/beautiful/insane.”   Sometimes it’s said with awe, sometimes with embarrassment, and sometimes with a little bit of pity.  The thought that I never get out to enjoy… more >

Sep 13

Clearing the Information Backlog: how to get rid of paper and email clutter

Now that you’ve taken action to stop paper clutter before it gets in the door, how do you deal with the backlog that’s accumulated?  So many of my clients feel overwhelmed by the idea of sorting through stacks (and often bags and boxes, and sometimes entire rooms) of paper.  Your… more >

Feb 08

Clutter Control: How To Let Go

  As I looked at the fading-but-still-pink gerbera daisy that sat drooping ever so slightly on my nightstand, I found myself wondering why I hadn’t thrown it out yet. I told myself “it still has its color” and “a slightly past its prime flower is better than no flower at… more >