getting started

Jan 30

SEEK: 4 Steps to Organize Absolutely Anything

Staring into the abyss of a cluttered space is super freaking overwhelming. Where do you start? Why here, of course! My 4 step process works on every space and type of clutter. Just remember to SEEK and ye shall find (that thing you thought you’d lost). Sort Pick up one… more >

Jan 17

How to Set Up an Action! System for Papers (so you actually get stuff done)

Having a set spot where you put any papers that you need to do something about is essential to your productivity and sanity. You can’t pay that bill or rsvp to that party if you can’t find the damn thing. I like using clear, three section vertical files for Action!… more >

Dec 04

How to Not Totally Fail at your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

Of Time Magazine’s list of the 10 most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions, I think I’ve resolved to do at least 7 or 8 before, with very mixed (and usually not-so-great) results. However, this year, I’ve got a new, crazy-simple strategy: Make a real plan, and start implementing it in… more >

Sep 04

All You Need to Know About Organizing in 15 Words

Are you “saving” things that you love? I had a beautiful, expensive bar of soap that I kept saving and kept saving, and for what? A soap special occasion? Does that even exist? Into the shower it went, and it literally brings a smile to my face to use it… more >

Aug 07

5 Small Steps to Solve Your Biggest Organizing Problems

Problem #1 I’m drowning in papers!  Do it today: Stop junk and unwanted mail from coming in, then set up an incoming paper system before you work on clearing the backlog. Having a filing system already set up gives you a place to put those papers as you sort them. Problem #2 I never have… more >

Jul 17

How We Spend Our Days

How often do you dream about the future? How often do you say to yourself, to your friends, to your family, “when XYZ finally happens, then I’ll…” and that future time never seems to come? Our whole lives are comprised of todays, which is both terrifying and exciting. If you want your life… more >

Apr 24

Wednesday Tip: How TV Can Help You Get Organized

Happy National TV-Free Week! If you’re participating, use the time you’d usually be watching TV to get started on an organizing project you’ve been putting off. If, like me, you can’t bear the thought of a Parks and Rec and New Girl-less week, read on… I love TV. What I… more >

Mar 13

Wednesday Tip: What are you waiting for?

“I want to get organized/learn to knit/lose weight/see my friends more/take up butter sculpting, but I have to wait until I finish school/get a new job/have more time/have more money/have more energy/get over my butter-phobia.” Sound familiar? We are nothing if not masters at putting off things we know are… more >

Feb 13

Wednesday Tip: Where to Start Getting Organized

When you embark on your grand organizing adventure, chances are you won’t get much further than the threshold before a minor freak-out sets in.  Where do I start? There’s so much to do! I’ll never get it all done. I might as well construct a pillow cave on the couch so I… more >