Sep 17

How to Fix a System That Isn’t Working: My failed spice drawer experiment

Sometimes you create an organizing system that’s so perfect, so beautiful, and so functional that you can’t help high fiving yourself and thinking that probably, you’re the best at life. This is not one of those systems. It seemed like such a great idea: get rid of the jumble of… more >

Dec 12

Wednesday Tip: Create Binders to Organize Menus and Recipes

Instead of letting menus clog a useful kitchen drawer, create a menu binder!  Use dividers for different types of cuisine, or make a “frequently ordered” section to keep certain menus extra handy. Slip menus into clear sheet protectors for easy visibility. Use the same technique to organize all those recipes you’ve printed or torn… more >

Oct 24

Wednesday Tip: Use Colored Dots to Track What You Use

Put colored dot stickers on small kitchen appliances, tools, and dishes you don’t use every day.  Remove the dot when you use it.  After 6 months (mark it in your calendar!), if the dot’s still on, donate it.  Give season and holiday-specific items up to a year.

Jul 31

Fancy Pants Project: DIY Stand From Vintage Plates

Sometimes getting organized isn’t about getting rid; it’s about getting creative and transforming unused stuff into lovely things you’ll actually use.  Enter the first Fancy Pants Project!  I’m excited to make this type of project a regular feature, because there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to revamp instead of… more >

Feb 27

Out of the Office: How To Repurpose Office Organizers in Your Apartment

One of the best things about being a professional organizer is that I get the daily opportunity to come up with creative solutions and new uses for things my clients already have lying around.  Most people have at least one of the office organizers on this page, so take a… more >

Feb 10

Repurposed: 7 Ways to Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer

One of the least (and least efficiently) utilized spaces in small apartments is the back or inside of doors. This is fantastic vertical space that allows you to easily see and access your items. There are a ton of ways to use this space to your advantage, but one of… more >