office supplies

Jan 21

Six Stylish File Boxes and Cabinets

Who says file storage has to be dull? These boxes and cabinets will fit right in with your decor!   1.  Bigso™ Synchronicity Stockholm Desktop File from The Container Store, $20.99 2. Edge Desktop File from The Container Store, $34.99 3. Bisley File Cabinets from The Container Store, $199 each 4. TPS File… more >

Nov 21

Wednesday Tip: Clear Your Workspace to Appear More Professional

If your workspace is cluttered and chaotic, many people may assume that you’re inefficient and ineffective (not true!).  Clear your workspace of anything that you don’t use on a daily basis.  Extra office supplies should be out of sight, with only a few pens, post-its, or paperclips in easy reach… more >

May 20

Organize Paper Goods with Magazine Files

I’m a teensy bit obsessed with using magazine files to organize any and all loose paper products.  Envelopes, pads of paper, notebooks, and anything else that tends to look junky or end up in an inaccessible pile in a drawer all integrate seamlessly with your decor when you put them… more >

Mar 05

Paint Yogurt Containers for Cute DIY Office Organizers

The key to keeping little supplies like paper clips and post-its corralled and accessible is giving each type a very specific, limited-space home.  Instead of going out any buying a bunch of tiny containers, use what you’ve got and pretty it up! I used the Stonyfield Oikos Greek yogurt 4oz… more >

Feb 27

Out of the Office: How To Repurpose Office Organizers in Your Apartment

One of the best things about being a professional organizer is that I get the daily opportunity to come up with creative solutions and new uses for things my clients already have lying around.  Most people have at least one of the office organizers on this page, so take a… more >

Feb 10

Repurposed: 7 Ways to Use a Hanging Shoe Organizer

One of the least (and least efficiently) utilized spaces in small apartments is the back or inside of doors. This is fantastic vertical space that allows you to easily see and access your items. There are a ton of ways to use this space to your advantage, but one of… more >