Dec 05

7 Things You Should Know About Organizing

1. It’s about what you get, not what you give up.  Remind yourself of all of the ways you’re going to benefit by getting rid of your clutter.  For every unused and unloved item you let go of, you gain more space, time and according to happiness expert Gretchen Rubin, more happiness!… more >

Nov 21

Wednesday Tip: Clear Your Workspace to Appear More Professional

If your workspace is cluttered and chaotic, many people may assume that you’re inefficient and ineffective (not true!).  Clear your workspace of anything that you don’t use on a daily basis.  Extra office supplies should be out of sight, with only a few pens, post-its, or paperclips in easy reach… more >

Feb 11

3 Keys to Making Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

There’s a trend right now in many productivity blogs to talk about what a terrible idea New Year’s resolutions are.  While I totally get the argument (it’s just another day, what’s to say you’ll be more likely to keep a resolution if it’s made on a certain day, most resolutions… more >