new year

Dec 04

How to Not Totally Fail at your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

Of Time Magazine’s list of the 10 most commonly broken New Year’s Resolutions, I think I’ve resolved to do at least 7 or 8 before, with very mixed (and usually not-so-great) results. However, this year, I’ve got a new, crazy-simple strategy: Make a real plan, and start implementing it in… more >

Jan 09

Wednesday Tip: Turn Your Hangers Around to Keep Track of What You Wear

To keep track of what clothes you really are and aren’t wearing, try hanging them backwards.  When you wear something, put it back normally; you’ll instantly be able to see what you haven’t worn by noticing the hangers that are still turned around.  I turn all of my hangers around… more >

Feb 14

3 Keys to Keeping Your (Not So) New Year’s Resolutions

Now that we’re in February (the time when most people’s New Year’s resolutions start to get less resolution-y), it’s a great opportunity to take a look at the resolutions you made in January. These 3 tips will help keep you on track and moving toward your goal. Have a Plan… more >

Feb 11

3 Keys to Making Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

There’s a trend right now in many productivity blogs to talk about what a terrible idea New Year’s resolutions are.  While I totally get the argument (it’s just another day, what’s to say you’ll be more likely to keep a resolution if it’s made on a certain day, most resolutions… more >