Jan 17

How to Set Up an Action! System for Papers (so you actually get stuff done)

Having a set spot where you put any papers that you need to do something about is essential to your productivity and sanity. You can’t pay that bill or rsvp to that party if you can’t find the damn thing. I like using clear, three section vertical files for Action!… more >

Apr 24

Wednesday Tip: How TV Can Help You Get Organized

Happy National TV-Free Week! If you’re participating, use the time you’d usually be watching TV to get started on an organizing project you’ve been putting off. If, like me, you can’t bear the thought of a Parks and Rec and New Girl-less week, read on… I love TV. What I… more >

Nov 14

Wednesday Tip: Add Containers to Drop Spots

Start taking note of where you naturally drop things like your keys, cell phone, and the mail.  Instead of letting it all pile up or get lost under other stuff, simply add an open container, like a tray or bin, to that spot.  The visual boundary of the container will… more >