Repurpose and Reuse

Feb 11

Quick and Easy Oatmeal Container Redo

Instead of spending more money on pretty containers, why not turn some trash into organizing treasure? This is a super easy, super fast DIY that requires no real crafty skills whatsoever. Materials Empty container Pretty paper (I used Rifle Paper Co.’s Midnight Floral Wrapping Paper from Paper Source). Scissors Pen… more >

Oct 08

DIY Washi Tape Address Book

I’ve always used a paper address book, and after decades of erasing and rewriting my near and dear’s info, I was in desperate need of  a new one. I hunted for one that suited my aesthetic sensibilities and my desire to have everybody’s birthday organized by month, and the only… more >

Sep 12

Vintage Suitcase Table DIY

What could possibly be better than a piece of whimsical vintage furniture with hidden storage? A piece of whimsical vintage furniture with hidden storage that holds bunnies in sweaters? Ok, maybe that. I’ve made a few suitcase tables now, all with very different techniques (the very first was an IKEA hack).… more >

Jun 26

Dress up Drab Containers with Washi Tape

When you start an organizing project, there’s usually a pretty strong urge to run out and buy the prettiest containers you can find. It’s a useful urge, because you’re more likely to keep up with a system if you like the way it looks, but before you spend a bunch… more >

May 01

Use What You’ve Got: How to repurpose and revamp your way to a gorgeous, organized home

This time of year always makes me itch for change. Everything’s so shiny and cheerful, and I’m at my most motivated in the spring. After the cold, gloomy winter, I always want to make my home feel fresh and new, which can easily spiral into spending way too much money… more >

Mar 20

Wednesday Tip: Use Shoe Boxes as Drawer Dividers

You can go broke buying tons of fancy drawer dividers for your sock and underwear drawers, but wouldn’t you rather spend that money on something useful for society, like funding the Veronica Mars movie?. I use shoe boxes, which work great and cost nothing. You don’t even have to buy shoes… more >

Oct 31

Wednesday Tip: Pass Up a Bargain

Ask yourself: “Would I buy this if it were full-price?”  If not, don’t do it!  You’ll end up spending money on something you don’t really need or love, all in the name of “saving money.”  Instead, revamp something you already have, like plates you aren’t using, office organizers, or a tired lamp.

Oct 22

Fancy Pants Project: Lamp Revamp!

I got so many awesome comments and email responses to my post about my apartment that I thought I’d share some of the ways I’ve found to decorate my space without buying a whole lot of expensive stuff (hint: spray paint is crucial).  This lamp makeover was one of my… more >

Jul 31

Fancy Pants Project: DIY Stand From Vintage Plates

Sometimes getting organized isn’t about getting rid; it’s about getting creative and transforming unused stuff into lovely things you’ll actually use.  Enter the first Fancy Pants Project!  I’m excited to make this type of project a regular feature, because there’s nothing more satisfying than being able to revamp instead of… more >

May 20

Organize Paper Goods with Magazine Files

I’m a teensy bit obsessed with using magazine files to organize any and all loose paper products.  Envelopes, pads of paper, notebooks, and anything else that tends to look junky or end up in an inaccessible pile in a drawer all integrate seamlessly with your decor when you put them… more >