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Sep 12

Vintage Suitcase Table DIY

What could possibly be better than a piece of whimsical vintage furniture with hidden storage? A piece of whimsical vintage furniture with hidden storage that holds bunnies in sweaters? Ok, maybe that.
I’ve made a few suitcase tables now, all with very different techniques (the very first was an IKEA hack). The following method is by far the quickest and easiest, so I thought I’d share. I lucked out and found this old suitcase of my grandmother’s in my parents’ attic, but they’re pretty easy to find at vintage and flea markets. Look for a hard case and make sure the top is flat, not rounded, if you want to put stuff on top of it. A flat top/bottom also makes it easier to affix the table.

You’ll need:
* vintage suitcase
* drill
* hammer
* plywood cut slightly smaller than the bottom of the suitcase
* 4 leg anchors
* 16 screws for leg anchors (should come with)
* 4 screw in table legs
* 4 nuts and bolts (long enough to make it through the suitcase and the plywood)
* 4 large-ish washers
* nail
* 1 sample size can of paint (matching or contrasting, your choice!)

Decide what direction you want the legs to point (straight down, angled, etc.), and mark the drill holes for all 4 legs.

Carefully drill the holes for the leg anchors. I did mine a smidge too close to the edge and had some minor splitting, so give yourself a little bit of a buffer to the edge of the plywood.

Attach the leg anchors.

Screw in the table legs.

Flip the table over and elevate it a bit. You’re not going to see the top of the table, so you don’t have to worry about painting it. Apply 2 coats of paint; I didn’t bother with primer.

Drill 4 holes in the table top to affix the suitcase.

Flip the suitcase over and place the table on it in the spot you want to attach it. Use a hammer and nail to mark the table drill holes on the bottom of the suitcase.

Drill through the nail marks on the bottom of the suitcase.

Flip the table right-side-up and situate the suitcase on top of it. Attach the suitcase to the table with washers and nuts (the washers give it extra stability). You’re going to have to wiggle it around some to line up the table and suitcase drill holes.

Attach the bolts to the underside of the table.

High five yourself. You made a suitcase table!

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