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Sep 04

All You Need to Know About Organizing in 15 Words

Are you “saving” things that you love? I had a beautiful, expensive bar of soap that I kept saving and kept saving, and for what? A soap special occasion? Does that even exist? Into the shower it went, and it literally brings a smile to my face to use it each morning. What could possibly be more special than the present and how we live our lives day to day? Use the things that you love and make every day a special occasion. I’m lookin’ at you, fancy plates and expensive perfume!
Are you using things you don’t love, like scissors that barely cut, uncomfortable shoes, or pens you don’t like? Seriously? You don’t have time for that nonsense. Toss, upgrade, reimagine, and repurpose until you love the things you’re using every day. I don’t have the words for how happy these Kuhn Rikon polka dotted knives make me, after putting up with crappy knives for years.
If you take this advice to heart and focus on only keeping and using things you love, then decluttering becomes that much easier and daily tasks become so much more enjoyable. So pull that designer handbag out of the dust cloth that keeps you from seeing it, and take it for a whirl.


4 Responses to All You Need to Know About Organizing in 15 Words

  1. Cynthia says:

    Funny that you talk about fancy soap: a friend of mine just came back from Bali, and brought back handmade soaps as souvenirs for us in the office. They smelled so good! But I still felt like I was doing something selfish or wrong by starting to use them myself right away. Shouldn’t I have saved them for company? (Like I invite Brunch guests into my shower…?)

    • Caroline Clark says:

      It’s awesome that you’re using and enjoying them! I think the only way to get rid of that “but it’s so nice!” guilt is to keep practicing using nice things all the time and remembering that the everyday is just as worthy of celebration.

  2. Maria says:

    This is a useful way of thinking about this. I hope you go back to your weekly blog becaise I find it motivating.

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