Organizing Tips

Jan 16

Wednesday Tip: Sort Clothes by Type or Use, Then by Color

Sorted clothes

When you reorganize your closet or dresser, it’s essential to think about how you wear your clothes.  Do you have clearly separate work vs non-work clothes? Would you wear your suits as separates or only together? If you’re like me and work and non-work clothes are mostly interchangeable, then it probably makes sense to simply group your clothes by type: pants, skirts, tops, dresses, layering, etc. For you, it may make more sense to have “work” and “non-work” sections, then divide by type within those sections. I’ve also found it really helpful to group colors within the sections.  You don’t have to get super specific (just light vs dark might be enough for you) and it cuts way down on time spent sifting through clothes to find what you want.

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